Kissinger warns Biden of endless confrontation with China

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger argues that geopolitics today require "Nixonian flexibility" to ease conflicts between the US and China, as well as between Russia and the rest of Europe. Warning that China should not become a global hegemon, the man who helped restore US-China ties in the 1970s said President Biden should be careful not to let domestic politics interfere with "the importance of understanding China's durability".

How high Israeli officials secretly fly to Saudi Arabia

An official plane with foreign registrations and fictitious stops in neighboring countries: This is how high-ranking Israeli security officials and businessmen arrived in the capital of Saudi Arabia. An important focal point of US President Biden's visit to the Middle East this week is the continuation of positive relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, within the spheres of security and diplomacy.

Kissinger's kiss to Europe

"There is no good historical example, says former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (99), who "experienced" several Soviet leaders during his political career. Now he says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is both calculating and embittered. And that Russia's future relationship with Europe to become a key geostrategic issue.

Mostar on the list of cities that must not be missed

When it comes to European travel, popular cities like Paris and Rome tend to rise to the top of travel plans. And while we wouldn't dare tell travelers to skip some of the world's most prominent cultural and culinary hubs, Europe is full of surprising destinations that will far exceed your expectations - not least because you may never have considered them.