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Why is Turkey still in NATO? The US and the rest of NATO should stop pandering to Turkey

As the war rages, NATO members in eastern Europe fear they could be next in Moscow's crosshairs. Finland and Sweden have asked to join the transatlantic alliance. And Turkey, a member since 1952, treated the occasion as a visit to the bazaar, demanding that Stockholm deal with Ankara's Kurdish critics in exchange for its acquiescence. Why is Turkey still considered an ally of the US?

Kissinger's kiss to Europe

"There is no good historical example, says former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (99), who "experienced" several Soviet leaders during his political career. Now he says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is both calculating and embittered. And that Russia's future relationship with Europe to become a key geostrategic issue.

Radiofrequency is the energy that triggers collagen production

"This is a modern way to produce about six months of collagen on the face," explains dr. Gout. "It lifts and gives the skin elasticity and plumpness." Dr. Gout targets specific types of radio frequencies: monopolar, bipolar, and tripolar. She also uses specific temperatures, penetration depths and movement techniques to optimize collagen lifting and production. Popular areas for treatment are under the chin, cheeks, forehead and around the eyes.